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Who We Are

The Sacramento Road Cruisers Club was formed in November 1996 and attracts members from throughout the greater Sacramento area.   The SRC is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with the common interest of riding motorcycles and enjoying the beauty of Northern California.  It welcomes riders of any brand of motorcycle as there is no discrimination against any makes or models (a wide variety of bikes is found among the membership). The club invites men and women of all ages and riding skills.  This organization is all about fun and friendship - we all enjoy riding and the fellowship that goes along with it.

The Club Purpose

The Road Cruisers exist to promote the safe participation in interesting riding activities and to project a positive image of motorcyclists by supporting local charities, while still defending the right to ride individually and as an organization.

Club Meetings

General membership meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the second Thursday of each month at a restaurant near you.  Please check out the Events Page to see where it is being held.   Persons interested in checking out the club are encouraged to drop in.

In Memoriam

Chuck Fink - November, 2002
 Tom Crosswhite - December, 2006


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