Meet the Sacramento Road Cruisers Club Officers

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  President: Bob Stowers
  (916) 463-4538
  (email: )
(alias:  Sparky)

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  Secretary: Jack & Jan Wyscarver
  (916) 386-1480
  (email: wizardwys   X

 Jack & Jan shining with the lighthouse

            *yes, they're doing Both jobs !!
   Treasurer:  Jack & Jan Wyscarver
  (916) 386-1480
  (email: )

            Enlisted Personnel:

   "Apparel Director": John Rose
  (email: dynaman   X
  Webmaster:  Paul Kircher
  (email:mnmshadow   X
  Photographer:  Anybody who wants to take digital pix and send them to Paul. 


Pictured: Ms. Jeri Brown-Roraback, Club Founder (and Retired President), on the '96 Empire Gold Mine ride.

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