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Get to Know our Members

We take pleasure in introducing a few of our club's members:

John & Gundi Flovin                                                 

Here's our Club Prez and his driving force at our 
annual Christmas Party in December 2004. 

             Image017_l500.jpg (38095 bytes)  



Image018_l500.jpg (38467 bytes) Bob Stowers

Bob took over duties as Vice President in 2002.  He is present for almost every ride, and many more 'in betweeners'!  He answers to "Sparky" (you only have to ride behind him once to figure it out), though some of us renamed him "Smoky" (just accept it).  This one was snapped at the Christmas Party in 2004.


Jack & Jan shining with the lighthouse


Jack & Jan Wyscarver

This couple is covering the offices of Secretary and Treasurer for the club.   These pictures were taken at the Fort Bragg Run in June 2K.  (I was supposed to choose between these two pictures.......I liked them both, so now you have Jan & Jack in stereo!)

Surfin' with Jan & Jack



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