Sacramento Road Cruisers


Considering joining the Sacramento Road Cruisers Club? Its easy - and you do NOT have to ride a Specific make motorcycle. Of course, riding some kind of bike would be a good idea...You can drop in to one of the club's monthly meetings (see location, times on Events page). Or, perhaps we can meet you if you show up for one of the club events.  No initiation rites - we're not like that.  We have men and women riders, some with lots of experience and some who are getting acquainted with this activity.  A number of members ride with a passenger (spouse, significant other, son/daughter, etc.).

If you've learned enough from this site to be satisfied, you're welcome to use the button below to download the application for the SRC.   It will automatically start downloading a PDF file containing the 3-page  application.  Please see the Officers' Page for addresses (e-mail or otherwise) and phone numbers (or click on the words to be whisked away to that location) in case you'd like to request further information.

Application - PDF If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader (to read PDF files), you can click on this address to download it:



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