In Memoriam - Chuck Fink - November, 2002

Dear Friends and Fellow Riders,

 He was an easy going guy with a quick wit and a huge heart. We will surely miss him.
Please offer your prayers and support to Sue. May GOD bless her and give her the strength to endure.  Sue, though you may think you are alone without Chuck, we want you to know that you have a "family" of support here at the SRC!!

 HIS Grip Don't Slip!  - We MISS YOU  SO Much !


Following are a few words sent to Sue and all of us to help us deal with this surprising loss:


Today has been one of those days in the Antelope Valley that just lasted
forever. I really wanted to be in Sacramento today, the memorial for my
friend Chuck was heavy on my mind as I sat through another laborious budget
meeting. How do you ever combine your emotions with work? Have to admit that
the Controller had to bring my attention back more than once.
I remember Chuck from the first meeting I attended with SRC. Sally and I
were late and walked into the Country Something restaurant halfway through
the meeting, disrupting the whole thing. After the meeting Chuck walked on
over and I thought, "here it comes, the big man is going to slap me one".
The big man introduced himself and welcomed us into the group.
We did many rides with Chuck. He was always the quiet one with the sharp
remarks and quick, dry wit. He could relate to my "sick" African sense of
humor. One of the instances I clearly remembered him laughing until tears
rolled down his cheeks was on the first Criss Cross. We stopped for
something to eat and I had to go, so I excused myself in the most civilized
way I knew. "I have to go point Percy at the porcelain" I said and walked
away. Chuck and Ray was just about rolling on the in the dust with laughter,
and I meant it so sincere!
The last ride we did was the Lassen overnighter. We had good fun as usual.
The big "Brutus" frame surprised me yet again when we stopped at an Arts and
Crafts Fair and he very appreciatively picked up a painting, critiqued it
and bought it for Sue. My thoughts; "What a great guy!!!"
Not only do we miss the SRC crowd immensely, the loss of one of our favorite
biking soul mates cuts deep to the bone.
Sue, we cannot even start to understand your loss and our condolences means
so little, but know that we all feel the loss with you.
Good Bye Good Friend. Chuck we will miss you.
Jacques & Sally Klopper

I want to thank everyone that attended Chuck's memorial service Friday night.  Sue sincerely appreciated our presence.
 For those that were unable to attend, Chuck's love of motorcycling was everywhere.  The memorial pictures Sue put together were filled with Chuck and Sue's two-wheeled adventures to the Honda Hoot, the Sierra Criss Cross, and SRC weekend runs.  Chuck looked great at the service in his leather motorcycle jacket and black t-shirt; his helmet and sunglasses prominently displayed on a pedestal at his side.   
Sue wanted people to share their memories of Chuck at the service last night, but there were so many family, friends, and PacBell co-workers coming all evening that it couldn't happen.  Thank you to Jacques for writing such a great memory of Chuck on the first Sierra Criss Cross.  If anyone else has a memory they'd like to share, please do so.  Sue would appreciate it.
 I remember Chuck and Sue's first attendance at one of our monthly meetings.  After that, Chuck was a constant presence on almost every ride.  Chuck never questioned any decisions I made as Ride Captain.  Regardless of what I decided, he'd go along with a smile.  Chuck could communicate volumes of unspoken words with that smile.  If I looked at Chuck after making a u-turn from a wrong decision, his smile would lighten the event for me.  While passing the line of bikes following me about to make their own u-turn , I'd see Chuck's face.  Chuck's smile would say, "You screwed up buddy, but it don't matter.  We're still riding!"   
 Last year, at the 2001 Veterans Run, intermittent light rain was predicted.  On I-80 in Dixon, we briefly went through a light drizzle, but it quickly stopped.  I believed that would be the pattern of any rain we ran into.  Out of Fairfield, as we left I-80 to cut over to Napa, it started to drizzle.  The smart thing to do would have been to pull over and put on our rain-gear.  But I figured it would quickly stop, just like it had in Dixon.  
 Well, it didn't stop.  And the closer we got to Yountville, the sillier it seemed to take the time to pull over and put on rain gear.  So we kept driving in the rain with me under the false belief that it would stop raining at any minute. 
 By the time we got to Yountville, we were soaked.  After parking in the line for the parade, we jumped off our bikes and put on rain-gear over wet leathers and jeans.  That's when Chuck started poking fun at me for not stopping.  He'd take whatever I explained about my decision making process and throw it back my way with impeccable timing. 
 "I thought the rain was going to stop" I explained.  At the time the rain was pounding loudly on our plastic rain-gear, splashing off our tanks, and puddling on our seats.  The skies were getting darker and darker. 
 "Yep, it looks like it is going to stop at any minute" Chuck said.  Then he laughed.  I liked that Chuck would laugh at his own funnies.  The good-natured ribbing didn't end there.  It continued until we mounted up after our last stop at a Chevy's in Vacaville to eat. 
 We'll miss you Chuck.  You are forever a Road Cruiser.
Jack Wyscarver -  you took our breath away with the saddest news we have heard in a long time Chuck was a great person a quiet and gentle man who we have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last 13 months, we sat by him and Sue at John Flovins wedding and he made us all laugh with his quick wit and his infectious smile, Ann and I will miss him emensly as we had great conversations with him on the club runs. There will be a hugh empty spot in the road lineup which no one will ever fill, we will always be looking for him on our rideouts and he will always be with us on our adventures riding alongside the group smiling enjoying himself as he always did. Watch for him he will always be there!    Regards Wallace& Ann  
May God Take him to be with himself and may Sue have peace to know one day She and Chuck will ride together again .
Carpe Diem Road Cruisers. Chuck's passing reminds us all of the precious gift LIFE.

We shared  good roads & good sights.

Rest in Peace.              CJ & Janet