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2004 Harley
1200 Sportster XLC


The pictures tell all.  That is, all EXCEPT
for the Mileage on it: 
400 miles
One Owner
Priced to move quickly at only $6,700

Note:  Unemployment is looming!  This is a gorgeous bike.  Please, let's discuss the sale so you can have a great ride, and I can supplement a paycheck!!

Also, please don't rip me off !


Email Patti at  
but don't wait long on this sweet bike.

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Tow this baby behind your bike!  They are the greatest!  Ask Paul about the freedom & flexibility that a trailer provides on the long haul. 

The box size is 19" deep, 42" wide and 50" front to back (all approximate, but close).  Tire size 4.80 x 8 on four-lug wheels.  Approximately 80" total length.  There is an icebox rack with draw-downs, 23x14" approximate and has a front leg that folds up to hold trailer level.  It's a Roadrunner Trailer, made in San Dimas, California, and the ball size is 1-7/8".

You can own this trailer for only  $650  (obo)

Email AJ at

Please NOTE:  The Sportster is NOT for sale.

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A note to all others who would like to list your bikes for sale here:  To keep this from becoming quite unwieldy we restrict advertisers to members / friends of the Sacramento Road Cruisers.  There is NO charge for this service.  We do request that you keep us updated with the status of your bike, and contact us immediately upon its sale so I can remove it from the Classifieds.  If I don't hear from you after 90 days of posting, it will be removed.  Good Luck!


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