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Thanks for all of the memories
 (Digital & Otherwise)!!!!!

Please note:  the pictures below will remain here until all are moved over to the new Club Site!  Hope you've enjoyed as much as I have!                                       Paul



Christmas Party 
Dinner Ride to Giovanni's  - October 28   (report)
Napa Valley  Run - October 21    (report)
Close Encounter with Sturgis - July  (report & pix)
Close Encounter with Sturgis - (page 2)  (report & pix)
                                    (note:  not ready yet)
Quincy Lunch Ride - April  (report & pix)
Napa Valley Lunch Run - April 8    (report)
Foresthill Ore Cart - March 19    (report & pix)



Quincy Ride - September 
Summer BBQ    (report)
Fort Bragg Ride - June    (link to Patchman's)
Loon Lake Picnic Ride - June  (ride report)
Carson City/Virginia City - May  (includes ride report)
Ride to Jamestown - May  (includes ride report)
Feather River Ride - April  (includes ride report)
Ride to Calistoga - April     (includes ride report)



Christmas Party - uh, December  
Nevada City Toy Run - December  (ride report)
Quincy Ride - September  (includes ride report)
Fort Bragg Ride - June    (dead link to Patchman's)
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 2)  dead link (ditto)
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 3)   dead link(ditto)
Loon Lake Picnic Ride - June
Ione Hotel Dinner Ride - May
Carson City/Virginia City - May 


Christmas Party
Christmas Party -  (page 2)
Summer BBQ - June 22    
Mt. Lassen - June    
USS Hornet - June     
Fort Bragg Ride - June  
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 2)   
Carson City/Virginia City - May 
A Ride on a Sunday in May


Quincy Ride - Sept    
Quincy Ride -        (page2)   
Summer BBQ - August 4  
Fort Bragg Ride - June  
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 2)   
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 3)   
Carson City/Virginia City - May (page 1)


Christmas Party
Crawdad Festival in Isleton 
Quincy Ride - Sept    
Quincy Ride -        (page2)    
Fort Bragg Ride - June  
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 2)
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 3) 
Fort Bragg Ride -  (page 4)  




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