My story about the RIDE FOR KIDS

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There's so much to say about doing charity rides - the feelings you get knowing that you're helping someone; the friendliness of all those who participate; the neat places you get to ride!

We've done the Northern California Ride for Kids for many years now. We used to ride for Jerry's Kids down in the San Joaquin Valley. Those rides were great, but their organization was somewhat lacking, and we never really got to see or hear those we were helping. That's all different with RFK ! Most of the kids that you get to meet are from the geographical part of the country where the ride is taking place. This really brings it home!!

I lost my mom to cancer in 1989. She was a great woman. She had lived a full life. What frightens me is to see young children with the same disease that took my mother; they haven't lived but a portion of a lifetime; they haven't seen the things we've seen nor been to places that most of us who ride have visited. It just doesn't seem fair!! Well, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U.S. is working extremely hard to reverse the odds for these kids. Those of you who give donations to PBTFUS are also working hard to stop their suffering. Those of us who Ride for Kids are getting to ride (unimpeded by traffic) through some of the most beautiful scenery in America, getting to meet some of the most courageous KIDS who live in that country, as well as being allowed to do something for their benefit.

You've probably seen by now that I can get carried away with words. Volumes of words cannot describe the feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of motorcycles joining together for a common cause! Please, follow this link to the RFK website, find a ride somewhere in the country, and just do it! Thanks for reading this far. Now, go RIDE FOR KIDS!!